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The Strange Tiny People project works with schools to help children hone their talents through creativity and story telling. A creative mind has many more opportunities for future success than one that simply follows the status quo. We provide courses that exercise the creative brain, allowing children to overcome fears and realize the much larger world of possibilities available to the creative thinker. Whether it is helping a child find their passion for the arts, or preparing them for being a creative thinker in a business future, the STP project opens doors that many children weren’t aware even existed.

We firmly believe that we are all born creative. Children are not empty vessels for adults to pour their own ideas into. Each child is an individual with many talents that need only be nurtured and guided. They deserve a better quality of education that, rather than assuming adults know what they need, helps them to control the storm of ideas and creation already going on inside of them.


The Stories

All stories are written by the children and they retain the copyright to their work.

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Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan +886 0979 158 342 josh@strangetinypeople.com
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