Far From Home

By Choun Sreynit (4 years old) – Otres, Cambodia

An apple and a tree were in a forest, living together as a family. It wasn’t a magical forest, but the apple and tree can talk to each other, because it’s just a story.

One day, a big storm came and blew the apple out of the tree. The apple was disappointed that the tree could not protect her, so she ran away. After some time of running, the apple grew very hungry, because she no longer had the tree to feed her. The apple decided that if the tree doesn’t worry enough to call after her, then she doesn’t want to go back home.

Then she met another apple. “Who are you” said the little apple? The other apple said he lived in the apple village with lots of other apples. The little apple moved into the village with the others and had plenty to eat.

The tree worried about the apple, but was too angry that she ran away, so it decided it wouldn’t go looking for her. It decided it would find a new friend, but it couldn’t because the tree was rooted to the ground. So it stayed in the forest alone for the rest of it’s life.

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