Cat and Mouse

By Amphailine Phaphomxay and Bounny Phangsi (12 and 11 years old) – Luang Prabang, Laos

A cat and a mouse lived together in a house, but they always fought. The cat always chased the mouse, because he wanted to eat him. One day, when the cat was chasing the mouse, the mouse ran into a small hole. The cat tried to run in after him, but smashed his head into the wall because he was too big.

So, the cat came up with a plan. The next time that the cat chased the mouse, the mouse jumped into his hole again, but this time the cat had secretly made the hole very, very deep with water at the bottom. The mouse fell far down the hole. The cat smiled, thinking he finally drowned the mouse, and walked back home. But the mouse was smart, and put on his duck costume, so he could swim around in the water like a duck.

On the way back, the cat was snatched up by some people. They wanted to eat him. The mouse saw the people taking the cat away, and he ran after them and scared them. The people ran away and left the cat behind. The cat thanked the mouse for saving his life, and they both went back to the house together. Now they are best friends and don’t fight anymore.

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