By Srey Nget (8 years old) – Otres, Cambodia

A butterfly, a worm, and a boy were playing in a field near a flower-tree. The boy saw the butterfly flying around, and decided he wanted to catch the butterfly. He chased it around and around until he finally caught it. But after he caught the butterfly, he killed it. He didn’t know why; he just did it. Then, he saw the worm climb up the tree. Now he wanted to play with the worm. He grabbed the worm, and started hitting the worm with a stick. He didn’t know why; he just wanted to.

The police heard about the boy being mean to the small animals, so they came and arrested him. Then, the police hit the boy the same as he had hit the butterfly and worm. They said all living things, including the small animals’ lives are the same as his. They put him in jail and didn’t give him any food. Eventually, the boy died.

After some time, the boy was then reborn as a little girl. After being reborn, she became very kind to all of the animals. She didn’t remember her life as the mean little boy, but she knew it was wrong to hurt others, so she spent the rest of her life helping animals and other people. She didn’t know why; she just felt it was right.

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