The Pencil Princess

By Chloe Wang (5 years old) – Beijing, China

There once was a princess who lived in China. She was a pencil princess, and she ruled the land of pencils. Everyone had pencils, but nobody had any paper, so nobody could draw anything. They had no paper because they used up all of the wood making pencils.

The pencil princess wanted all of her people to be able to draw, so she decided to travel to America. She brought along her magical green pencil, because she wanted to trade it with the Americans so that she could bring paper back home to her people. She went to America for one day. The Americans said they will give the princess paper if she gives them the magic pencil. Then the Americans took her home to China.

When the pencil princess got home, she fell asleep. While she was asleep, the Americans went into her house and also gave her so many more pencils because they really liked her. She was so happy, and now she always talks with them on her iPad, because America was her homie.

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