The Twins

By Alex and Adia (5 years old) – Beijing, China

Two evil twins, Alex and Adia, were inside a good-guy’s brain, drinking his blood. When Adia drank the good-guy’s blood, she grew black wings that were twice her size. When her brother Alex drank his blood, he grew super-intelligent and even more evil.

After drinking all of the good guy’s blood, they went to the police station. At the police station, everyone was either dead or crying uncontrollably. This is because when they touched people, they either died or would start crying and screaming. Nobody knew which one would happen to them.

They found one police woman who was already crying, before they could even touch her. She was the good guy’s sister. She was crying because the last time she saw her brother alive, they argued. They argued because she didn’t want him to go meet with the evil twins. Now she was sad because she wanted to tell her brother she was sorry for arguing.

The police woman was so mad that she grabbed Alex’s axe and tried to kill the twins. All three fought the most awesome battle. But when she finally hit Alex with the Axe, it didn’t hurt him. Instead, it killed the police-woman because the axe only listens to Alex. Then her ghost flew off to be with her brother.

Finally, Alex drank her blood and grew big wings like his sister. Both of them then flew away and wrapped themselves in their wings to go to sleep.

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