Farmland Security

by Ly Pov (12 years old) – Otres, Cambodia 

Two farmers lived in small village, growing corn, oranges, and vegetables. They planned to harvest them all and sell them in the market, but thousands of mice came and ate up all the crops. The first farmer went to the market and bought some poison to kill the mice. He came back and put it on all of their crops. All the mice died, and there were no more mice.

But soon, thousands of rabbits came to the farm, because there were no more mice to stop them. They started eating all the corn. The second farmer used a big stick to hit the rabbits. The rabbits were afraid, so they ran away and never came back.

After that, the farmers’ crops grew very well, and all the other animals were too afraid to come into the fields. The farmers sold all of their crops, and used the money to buy a new car and a house in the city, but they still kept the farm and went to it every day to grow more crops.

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