Padma’s Magic Hat

By Padma Swallow (4 years old) – Battambang, Cambodia

One day, there was an artist named Padma. She lived in Battambang, Cambodia, and she had a magic hat. When she went inside of the hat, she was taken to Magic Land. One day, she was sitting under a tree drawing a birthday card for her friend, Leeza, who’s birthday was that very same day.

While she was drawing the card, she saw a beautiful balloon that she wanted to give to her friend for her birthday, but it popped when a stick fell out of the tree and hit it. Then, she had an idea. She took off her hat and jumped inside, to go to Magic Land. Magic Land was exactly the same as the normal world, because the normal world is already magical. She went down to the river where they sell fish to buy a new balloon. Along the way, she saw all the things that make the world magical. She saw her daddy working in his restaurant; she saw a pretty flower; she saw a tall wooden door being opened and closed. She arrived at the fish market. Nearby was a man who sold balloons. She bought a rabbit balloon, and took it home. Then, suddenly, something very special happened with the balloon (but it’s a secret. I can’t tell you, sorry).

Then she went to sleep, and she dreamt she was in Magic Land, except there wasn’t any magic anymore. Padma was very sad, because she didn’t like a world with no magic in it. She ran upstairs to find her hat. She jumped in it to go back into magic land (she was still dreaming). In her hat, there was magic everywhere again.

Then she went and climbed on a whale. While riding on the whale, she fell asleep. When she fell asleep in her dream, she woke back up in Cambodia, which was still full of magic: real world magic.

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