The Girl From Nowhere

By Bella (5 years old) – Beijing, China

One day on Jupiter, a little alien girl was playing with her asteroids. She made them move with her mind. She made them spin so fast that they exploded into little pieces, making a ring around jupiter. She thought it was pretty, so she flew out to the rings to go ice-skating on them. She decided that all the planets would be more fun if they had big ice-rings too, so she flew to all the other planets and smashed up asteroids to make rings for them. 

When she got to Earth, she saw lots of little people on it. She had never met other people before, because she was the only person on her planet, so she went down to play with them. But when she landed on Earth, there was nobody there. She was sad because she was lonely. She decided to pick up the buildings with her mind to make an ice-ring for Earth, but when she started picking them up, the people ran out screaming. They all said she was mean for destroying their homes and that she should fly back to Jupiter. She said she wasn’t from Jupiter.

She didn’t remember where she was from. She started to cry because she wasn’t mean on purpose. The people said it was ok, but you shouldn’t pick up other people’s houses. She said sorry and rebuilt their houses with her mind-powers. Then she took some asteroids from far away and made a ring around Earth, and everyone went ice-skating with her.

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