Strange Tiny People:

A blog about kids for people who can’t stand kids.

A lot of kids are snotty, loud, obnoxious, and smelly. But so is Jello Biafra. This blog is about people cooler than you or me. It’s about the weird tiny tangles of rock and roll that have yet to be taught the concept of limitations. Basically, I just think that kids can be pretty awesome when given the right encouragement. I don’t have a degree in early childhood education, nor do I have any children of my own. I have, however, been working closely with children for the past three years and I think they have a lot more to offer and deserve a lot more respect than many give them.


Bella Rawks - Strange Tiny People

Bella here thinks your Ol’ McDonald is lacking in power chords.


I think there’s lots of pretty cool stuff about and for kids that don’t get enough airplay. If you think kids and kids’ stuff is lame, it’s because they’ve been taught lame things. Kids are so much more punk rock than the all of the standard childhood developmental tools around. This blog might end up being many different things by the time it is done, but as of now, it exists to showcase awesome things involving these tiny little tyrants. There is no promise that everything will be interesting. In many ways, this is just a way to collect things I find funny. Maybe somewhere along the way, there will be something used to make the future population a little less boring.


Howard rawking the sign of the beast - Strange Tiny People

Howard is too metal for your patty-cake


Where did “Strange Tiny People” come from?

I teach children in Beijing, China. No matter what culture you are in, there are two constants: Adults are confusing, and kids are weird. Bella feeds me poison food at least 30 times a day; Caesar holds his own standup comedy shows; Alex let’s me know his belly button is undrinkable because it’s a solid; and I have timed Chloe to pass a single fart for over 10 seconds.

One day, a parent at a loss for how to control her child asked me why he acts the way he does. I eventually came to the conclusion that, while I had taught the kids many things for my own personal amusement, they would only take in what they wanted. They are going to take all of the experiences you throw at them and fashion themselves how they see fit, weather you like it or not. We can only provide the materials. In the end you are helpless to decide the exact result. Each kid is going to be different in their own right, and you can either fight them or you can respect them. They aren’t machines that need to be programmed correctly. They are just strange, tiny people.

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