What Is The STP Project?

The Strange Tiny People Project:

Because Bored Children
Make for Boring Adults.


See, there’s this huge problem with what children are supposed to be learning: we assume we know what they are supposed to be learning.

If you think kids stuff is, well, kids stuff, then maybe there’s a problem with what you’re giving them. They deserve a better quality of education that, rather than assuming we know what they need, helps them to control the storm of ideas and creation already going on inside of them.

Instead of teaching through dumping information on children, we can act as coaches that guide children on their own journey. By helping children to exercise their own creative thoughts, we allow them to decide for themselves what is important, and give them the lead to choose their own paths.

The Strange Tiny People project works to make kids aware of the awesome unnoticed possibilities ahead of them through creativity and story telling. A creative mind has many more opportunities for future success than one that simply follows the status quo.  The course aims to exercise the creative brain, allowing children to overcome fears and realize the much larger world of possibilities available to the creative thinker. Whether it is helping a child realize their love of creating and making them aware they can have a future in the arts, or assisting them in being a creative thinker for their business they want to one day hold, the STP project opens doors that many children weren’t aware even existed. Take a look at the course outline here.


The Book:

The children worked with are not simply thrown course materials and left behind. Each child is a collaborator in making lasting proof of their creativity, which will be used to show off their work as well as inspire others. These children are helping to create a book, filled with their ideas, and their stories. Their stories will be accompanied by photographic illustrations, professionally photographed, using the children themselves as the subjects. This allows the author to completely connect with the rest of the world. Each shot is done in collaboration with the authors to make sure their vision of the story isn’t compromised.

The kids will keep full copyright and credit of their creations. This is their first published gig, and hopefully the start of many years of works to flood the world in a sea of awesome!

Chloe: The Pencil Princess - Strange Tiny People


To read more stories and see more photos, go to strangetinypeople.com/stories.

Why Asia?

In truth, this project is meant for everyone, of every culture, economic class, and cookie preference. Asia is simply the first chapter of this story.

From my years in the Chinese education system, I have seen that, unfortunately, Asian education often omits creativity and exploration learning in lieu of producing higher test scores and uniformity. While there is definitely a place for tradition and cohesiveness in culture, education that neglects personal identity in order to conform to rigid standards often leads to people who tend to follow orders instead of finding ways to produce results. I want to show that, through creative thinking, followers become leaders and produce much more for their society.

Strange Tiny People is meant to be accessible to all children, and dreams are being planted for worldwide collaborations. This is just the first leg on this journey, kiddos.


So, You’re Helping Poor Kids To Become Starving Artists?…

Creativity isn’t just about artistic ability. People with a conditioned creative mind are able to realize different ways of solving problems, socialize and empathize with others, and are more open to very often unnoticed opportunities.

From inventing the next cool gadget, to becoming an awesome painter, running for political office, or just making the best fried rice in town, creativity is often what separates being merely proficient in a skill and being a friggin Jedi Master at it.
There is no one that is just not creative. Everyone has creative ability, but you can’t instruct it from a text book. It’s a skill, and thus requires exercise to perform well, just like any muscle in an athlete’s body. Once properly trained and conditioned, creativity becomes natural, and finds it’s way into every thought, idea, and decision. You know those guys that seem like they just have it together, and make things seem easy where you’re always struggling? JobsPicassoCurieWaitsPageTesslaChopinSpike. Those are the guys who have put in the time training their brains to work creatively.

Now imagine these guys have had this training instilled since they were children. That’s the kind of people I know I want for the next generation.


To see more stories written by awesome kids like Bella, Alex, and Adia below, go to the stories page.

The Twins - Strange Tiny People girl-from-nowehere - Strange tiny People

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