Below are the names of those who are way awesomer than you, because they believe in creative education and know that kids are way cooler than we often notice.

Unless you’re Batman, because he’s pretty freaking awesome. Man, his childhood got creative real quick. But, ya know, different..


  • Aaron F Johnson
  • Alix Demitchell
  • Amanda DiFeterici
  • Angel N Sbardella
  • Cheryl Yeam
  • Cindi Boiter
  • Gillian R Watson
  • Humphrey H Childers
  • Jackie Strand
  • Jacqueline Khoury
  • Williesha Morris (http://www.myfreelancelife.com)
  • Jennifer Louise Eden
  • Joshua Dominick
  • Kate Fox
  • Kathryn P Smith
  • Kristin Hydrick
  • Laurie Bonner
  • Lorrie Rivers
  • Paula M Beard
  • Petra Duhajská
  • Robin Dial
  • Shaun McCoy
  • Susan Lee Hazel
  • Teresah Yeh
  • Uong Tu Thuy

If you have contributed to the project, but haven’t been put on the list, or you would like to include a link to your website, please contact me at josh@strangetinypeople.com .


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