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Take a look below for all the amazing stories produced by the kids of the Strange Tiny People Project. All stories are 100% written by the children, and the children keep all rights to their works.

Chloe: The Pencil Princess - Strange Tiny People

 The Pencil Princess

by Chloe Wang (王谚羽)- age 5

There once was a princess who lived in China. She was a pencil princess, and she ruled the land of pencils.

Everyone had pencils, but nobody had any paper, so nobody could draw anything. They had no paper because they used up all of the wood making pencils.

The pencil princess wanted all of her people to be able to draw, so she decided to travel to America. She brought along her magical green pencil, because she wanted to trade it with the Americans so that she could bring paper back home to her people. She went to America for one day. The Americans said they will give the princess paper if she gives them the magic pencil. Then the Americans took her home to China.

When the pencil princess got home, she fell asleep. While she was asleep, the Americans went into her house and also gave her so many more pencils because they really liked her. She was so happy, and now she always talks with them on her iPad, because America was her homy.

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Under Fire: A Tale Of A Town Unguarded  - Strange Tiny People : People are strange, kids are stranger.

 Under Fire

by Ly Pov (age 12)

There was once a town that had no police on its streets. The town had police, but they all stayed in the police station and never did patrols. They were lazy and only became police because it was easy and they didn’t have to answer to anyone. Because there were never any police outside, the town had many thieves. One day, a thief was in the town market, and he stole all of the money from one of the sellers. There was one policeman in the market on that day, however. He was only there because he was shopping. He saw the thief running with the bag of money and shot him. The thief died.

Soon after, all the other thieves showed up with shotguns. They were all angry because the policeman shot one of their gang members. They wanted revenge, but the policeman had already escaped to the police station, so the gang couldn’t find him. They said “If the policeman won’t come out, then we are going to start looting everything in the village until he comes out.”

The thieves started robbing and destroying the whole village. The villagers were very angry with the police for not helping, so they crowded the police station. Eventually, the entire police force had to come out to stop the thieves. Then the gang and police had a huge battle throughout the whole village. Eventually, the police killed all of the thieves, but a lot of the village was burnt down in the battle. Also, many of the villagers were injured. The villagers were angry with the police, and said that none of this would have happened if the police protected them in the beginning. The villagers said the police need to protect everyone, or next time it could be the policemen’s own houses that burn down. Now the police actively patrol the entire village.

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Bella: The Living Room Kingdom - Strange Tiny People

 The Living Room Kingdom

by Bella (安琪 )- age 4

There once was a princess. Her kingdom was inside of her living room, and it was very pretty and comfortable, but she was always very sad. She was sad because she couldn’t go outside. She couldn’t go outside because only she could protect her toy subjects, and leaving would be irresponsible.

So one day she had an idea! She decided to take her living room kingdom and move it outside! So she had all of her toy subjects take all of the furniture and decorations outside and made a beautiful outside living room kingdom! Now she is happy and plays in her garden with all of her subjects together.

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The Twins - Strange Tiny People


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girl-from-nowehere - Strange tiny People

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