The STP Project needs YOU! (indiegogo fundraiser)

This is it, folks. The big enchilada. The deep dive. The everlasting gobstopper.

(On a side-note, Chrome’s spell-check knew the word “gobstopper”. +1 for you, Google.)

The time has finally come to beg you for money announce the launch of The Strange Tiny People Project indiegogo crowd-funding campaign!

First of all, head over to the campaign here:

What is indiegogo you ask? What is crowd-funding you ask? (hint: those words are underlined for a reason.)  The basic idea being that this project isn’t going to happen, at least not to it’s potential, without funds. Indiegogo is a way for all of you to help out with whatever funds you can, and together can make this thing go.

Oh, and you get cool stuff for donating. Stuff like STP T-shirts, special edition copies of the book, Skype calls with the children, and even free photo shoots and conferences.

You didn’t think I was just asking for handouts did you??

What is this project?

Unless you have been living under a rock the past 4 months, then you know I have been working on evolving this blog into a children’s creativity training project. (Or on a rock, but without internet access. Or with internet access, but have never heard of this blog. Or with internet access and have heard of this blog, but don’t care, in which case you’ve already let the terrorists win.)

If you didn’t know about the project, take a few secs to go check out the STP Project page and the FAQ, and/or watch the video above. Go ahead, it only takes a sec. (remember, the terrorists..)

Children are far more creative and capable than they are often given credit for, and far too often it’s squashed out of them once they are older. This project aimsj to change that, by creating a new generation of creative thinkers, through instilling creative practices in children all over the world.

But, here’s the thing about the project: I don’t make a single penny from it. This is a pure labor of love for kids, creativity, and funny videos. The project needs you to make this happen. You can be a major factor in changing the lives of children. You can be responsible for bringing at least one less Sarah Palin into the world.

Where is your dough going?   

Does a $6k goal seem really low for a project involving almost a year of travel?? Like, really really low??  Like, that’s less than what McDonald’s pays their part time cashiers for a year???

That’s because it is.

For the past year, I have been saving my own personal money, taking extra jobs and dancing around on fire (no, really), and eating like a freshman college student (noodles, Asia, yeah), in order to make sure this things starts off with some steam. This venture will be funded with my money equally along with yours.

You didn’t think I would just throw all that burden on your shoulders, did you? 

Indiegogo Money Chart - Strange Tiny PeopleAs a professional photographer, I have most of the equipment needed for high-end portraiture like this, but there is some specific equipment that is needed to do a project with a lot of location changing, especially when it’s all carried on my back! This equipment also needs to be insured.

Transportation is the largest cost, but I’m keeping it down by only using non-flight transportation. Besides, you meet so many more cool people via trains/ buses/ boats/ cow.


Still have questions? Have an organization that you would like STP to teach at? Want to volunteer as an assistant? Check out the links at the top to get more info, or go straight to the indiegogo funding page.

But Josh, I have no monies!

First: Yes you do. Look, right there to your right, a nickel! (if not, keep looking. It’s gotta be there). Point being, everyone has some cash they don’t think they have, and every little bit helps. Donate whatever you can. Skip the Arby’s drive-through once this week to make up for it. You’ll be skinnier and you helped change kids lives. BAZZAM! Double-Karma-Kung-Fu-Madness.

Second: If you still feel like that Arby’s is more important than a starving chid’s future (ok ok, those Jamocha shakes really are off the chain), then there is still a way you can help: SHARE THIS THING LIKE MONO.

Put this out there on every social media outlet/ news source/ blog/ bathroom wall you can find. Have a blog about children or photography? Own a news outlet? Work for a radio station? Have a community mahjong group?? Willing to bug your kids’ elementary class??? Contact me at I’d love to be a guest! And of course, all publicity is equally reciprocated on my page.

Plus, if you use the social media tools at the bottom of the campaign page, then you will raise your chances in getting free stuff like a special hardcopy of the book and free photoshoots! (More on the contest to come at a later date)


With all tongue-in-cheek and humor aside. I thank you.

I want to see this happen more than anything I have ever done in my life. You get very few precious times in your life where you feel like “this is absolutely what I’m supposed to be doing”. Every bit you do to help this happen is a drop of hope for me and everyone I can help due to you.

You are more important to more people than you will ever know.



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