The Living Room Kingdom: A Story Of The Comfortable Queen


 The Living Room Kingdom

by Bella (安琪 )

There once was a princess. Her kingdom was inside of her living room, and it was very pretty and comfortable, but she was always very sad. She was sad because she couldn’t go outside. She couldn’t go outside because only she could protect her toy subjects, and leaving would be irresponsible.

So one day she had an idea! She decided to take her living room kingdom and move it outside! So she had all of her toy subjects take all of the furniture and decorations outside and made a beautiful outside living room kingdom! Now she is happy and plays in her garden with all of her subjects together.


This was actually the first Strange Tiny People story portrait that I ever took, and in many ways spawned the whole idea for the project. One day, Bella told me she wanted me to take her picture. Obviously I agreed, but I asked her what we should make the picture look like.

So we sat down and I helped her write down her story. “There once was a princess…” was where it all started, followed by lots of questions from me to draw more detail. “What kind of princess?” and “Where does she live?” She said she likes to play with her toys, but she liked playing outside most. From there we talked about how her mom said she should always put away her toys when she was finished playing because they would get afraid if left all by themselves. I asked her how she could work it into the story, and The Living Room Princess was born.


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