Tie Not Water Balloon Filler: today’s “products-you-wish-you-parents-had-bought-you-of-the-day”

It’s getting hot out there, and the ceasefires of winter are now history. It is again the season of slippery destruction.

You find yourself deep in the thick of the neighbor’s lawn battlefield. You’re job: to keep those munitions flowing. But the supply lines are having trouble keeping up the needs of the front trenches. Failure splashes all around you as you fumble to tie your knots, but too slow is too late. You see your comrades falling into a soaking demise one after another. NO! NOT LITTLE JERRY! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Perhaps, just perhaps, had you been equipped with the Tie Not water balloon filler from thinkgeek.com, the tide would have been shifted, drowning your enemies in a wave of your awesome. After a little practice, these 4 easy steps become second nature, allowing you to pump out the puppies at up to 10 times the pace. Don’t be caught unarmed and end up with wet pants.

…and always remember: Summer is coming.

Get yours at www.thinkgeek.com

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